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Round the World Trip 2013/14

I graduate this year from uni and if I cant get a job I really want to travel. I am 21 and from Glasgow!

Was planning on going to USA (3 months), South America (1 month), Australia (4 months), NZ (1 month), Asia (China, Thailand and Bali for 1-2 months), India (2 weeks) and maybe Dubai for a week. Cuba Maybe for a week.

I don't think I will have enough time to go to Africa and Canada unfortunately but if I do it will be for a very short amount of time.

Generally I am struggling to get an idea about a budget as I will have about 10,000 pound saved hopefully and I will be getting a working/travelling visa in Australia.

The other main issue is going it alone so in certain places it would be nice to have a travel companion as I am considering doing Trek America for 9 weeks first to get a taste for it. Generally if anybody could give me some tips on budgeting and if anybody else was considering doing something similar from July/August this year then let me know :)

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